My Mask: An Opportunity To Add A Little Sparkle, And Evidence Of Kindness In The World

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By Laura RiceOctober 19, 2020 11:58 am, , ,

Françoise Wilson lives just outside of Kerrville, Texas. She says she began wearing a mask early in the pandemic. She’s now found a way to add a bit of “glam” to her favorite black cloth masks.

“I liked the sequins and I liked the painted-on stuff, but those kind of things, after a few washings, they fall off. So I was wondering, you know, I can’t sew anything, I can’t glue anything, I can’t paint anything because it’ll come off; how about if I just clip something on? And then a light went off, and it was like, you know, clip-on earrings, there we go! So where do you get clip-on earrings? Estate sales! So that’s what I started looking for. And I found some really cool ones.”


“I’ll get looks, and you can tell the people are smiling from behind their masks, mostly women. Once in a while little kids will point and ask me, you know, ‘What’s that?’”

“When I lived abroad, I would keep a journal. But, for the everyday, not normally. But I knew that from early on that we were going to be living through history; we’re living history now. People will talk about this like they talk about the pandemic, you know, a hundred years ago. So, you know, I do newspaper clippings and comics that refer to it. You know, when the first face mask appeared in comics, I started cutting those out. It’s a record of this experience.”


“I notice that, recently, people have started getting kinder; they’re more patient, they’re more generous with their time and with their efforts for another person. … I’d say that, you know, the masks are all a factor in this history that we’re living through now of what your community means to you and to what we all mean to each other.”

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