My Mask: The Texas A&M Student Tour Guide

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By Caroline Covington & Laura RiceJuly 28, 2020 2:55 pm, , ,

“Given the fact that my mom also started making [masks] pretty early … I would say I had more than the average person at that point in time, especially in terms of not single-use ones.”

A&M pride is strong in the Avery household – they have the homemade masks to prove it.

“I have a lot of A&M masks. The fabric she got is really loud … and so, I like it when she does a maroon floral on the front with, then, the trim of the A&M ’cause it’s a slight nod to the spirit but it isn’t so overwhelming.”

“I guess the mask is the new way to show your allegiances.”

“Once I don’t think I have to wear it for coronavirus purposes, I’m sure I’ll still keep a couple on hand. But who knows what’ll happen to the rest of them. There’s going to be such a surplus of everything that’s been created.”

“One thing that I think will happen is that people will keep wearing masks when they’re sick. … I think this might kind of change the way that people protect themselves when they’re sick with any kind of illness in the future.”

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