My Mask: This Mom Of Seven Plans To Someday Make A Quilt With Her Mask-Making Scraps

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By Laura RiceOctober 6, 2020 10:35 am, , ,

Kimberly Harmer lives with her family in Weatherford, Texas. She says she’s been making masks for her family since the beginning of the pandemic and now has a lot of fabric scraps.

“I got online and I started looking at patterns. Because in my mind, I thought, if I have to wear a mask, I want it to be comfortable. I want it to be individualized because I felt like if we could individualize it, it would be a more positive experience. … So when COVID started, my first thing was, OK, I’m going to the material store.”


“I have a pattern for each person in our family of the way they like it. They each have customized exactly how tight they like it, and that’s helped them be happier wearing their masks now that they’ve gone back to school because in Weatherford, you had the option to go back in person or do it virtually. And all my kids chose to go back in person. So they do wear a mask a solid eight hours a day. So it’s really important to me to make sure that it was something that was personal and that it was comfortable.”

Courtesy Kimberly Harmer

Several members of the Harmer family with their custom-made masks.

“So if I had to total it up, I would have to probably guess I’ve made probably 60 to 70 masks.”


“And so I’ve been saving all my scrap material to make some sort of blanket to commemorate this pandemic in a positive way, that we made through it, and this is what we did. And each of my kids have fabric that they like specifically, and some don’t like the others. So, as I go through those scraps, it’s kind of fun to think, oh, this was a really popular one. In fact, the one that I’ve run out of completely of the material that I purchased is of puffins – it’s a light blue with puffins on it. Boys, girls, you name it, they love it, which is so odd to me. And then other material that I’ve got, I purchased for myself and no one else likes it. So I have a lot of extra.”

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