No Bank Account And No Car: Simulation Provides An Up-Close View Of Poverty

The goal was to educate professionals about how the economic lives of those in poverty actually work.

By Courtney CollinsApril 6, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From KERA:

Whether it’s cashing a check, wiring cash to a friend, or trying to borrow money, people living in poverty have a different experience than those on sound financial footing. One north Texas nonprofit aims to close that gap by giving those with financial means, a taste of life without.

A financial experience

Catholic Charities Fort Worth hosted the workshop, which on its face has a simple mission. It’s called “Fin X” short for financial experience and it’s designed to show working professionals, like people from nonprofits, banks and law firms, how the other half lives. Instead of watching a documentary or listening to a lecture though, these 40 workshop attendees take to the streets.

Their goal? Cash a couple of provided checks, complete a dozen tasks and come away with an understanding of the challenges many people are up against. And speaking of challenges: For this simulation, nobody has a bank account, social security number or a car.

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