Owen Wilson On His New Movie And His Texts With Willie Nelson

The Dallas-born actor says he’s not really a conspiracy person like the plot his character gets caught up in during the new film “Bliss.”

By Laura RiceFebruary 5, 2021 11:06 am,

Owen Wilson’s new film “Bliss” is now on Amazon Prime. It’s directed by Mike Cahill and also stars Salma Hayek.

“My character’s kind of dealing with some kind of addiction, mental illness, and then meets Salma Hayek’s character and she sort of introduces the idea that everything’s a simulation,” Wilson said.

He told the Texas Standard working on this film was different than much of his previous work.

“I think for me that was kind of also what I liked about this story is that a lot of the things that I watch or movies that I’ve worked on, it’s very easy to understand what’s happening in the movie,” Wilson said. “You get the story, you hear the title ‘Anaconda’ and you of get what that movie is going to be about. And to work on something like this where I couldn’t quite explain it and had to rely on the director to me feels a little bit more like life.”

Wilson grew up in Dallas. He said folks in Hollywood have sometimes called his distinctive voice a Texas accent.

“I’d say, ‘that’s actually not a real Texas accent,'” Wilson said. “I think of… I don’t know, there’s, you know, I think Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, that’s a more kind of what I think of as a Texas accent. Now, I do have an accent for where I grew up in Dallas and where I went to school and the people that I went to school with. So if you met them, you’d say, oh, that sounds a little bit like, you know, me.”

Wilson said he was texting with Willie Nelson not long ago about Texas.

“Saying, do you think that there is a better state to be from, a state that has more… kind of like if you’re at a dinner or someplace in the world and people ask, ‘where are you from?'” Wilson said. “What state in the Union is going to carry as much wallop as saying Texas? And Willie and I couldn’t come up with one.”

Wilson also said he thinks his older brother, Andrew, might be a little jealous that he and their other brother Luke are able to say they’re from Texas.

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