Who Is Rick Perry Endorsing for the Texas House?

The former governor’s support could affect the showdown for a seat representing the Bedford area.

By Alain StephensDecember 30, 2015 10:11 am,

2015 may go down in history as the year Rick Perry left the political stage – or so one would think.

The Texas Tribune reports that the longest-serving Texas governor and two-time presidential candidate may be inching back into the game, offering a political endorsement to an opponent of one of the noisiest conservative politicians in Texas, State Representative Jonathan Stickland.

Reporter Jim Malewitz has been following the race.

“In this case, he’s endorsing Scott Fisher, who is running for a House seat in House district 92,” he says. “He actually appointed Fisher to the Texas Ethics Commission a couple of years back and also to the Texas Youth Commission, where Fisher still chairs.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– Perry’s effect on state Tea Party support and mainstream Republican politics over the years

– What controversial subject Stickland asked advice about online in his past

– Stickland’s track record in office and predictions on his re-election