Practical Tips For Texans With Storm-Related Plumbing Problems

Turn on outside faucets to identify frozen pipes and don’t pay to join a plumber’s waiting list.

By Michael Marks & Shelly BrisbinFebruary 22, 2021 11:19 am

Many Texans are dealing with plumbing problems in the wake of last week’s winter storm. Many have already sought plumbing repair services, and others may still face broken pipes and water service that hasn’t yet been restored.

Nikki Robbins has some practical plumbing advice. She’s the owner of Nikki’s Plumbing Company in Euless, Texas. She told Texas Standard that the last week “has been the most insane week of my entire career.”

Working in extreme cold and handling the massive number of calls she received from customers during the storm were her biggest challenges.

Robbins says that pipes don’t typically burst as they thaw. If pipes have been frozen, and if water has been turned off, Robbins says turning on all the faucets once the weather warms is a good way to clear them out.

Robbins offers other tips for Texans in the aftermath of the storm.

– If pipes have burst, turn off the water at the street and call a plumber

– Open outside faucets to encourage water flow and find out whether pipes have burst

– Don’t pay to get onto a wait list for plumbing services

– Beware of unlicensed plumbers; ask for a license number

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