Project Vote Safe Aims To Make Waiting In Line At The Polls A Little More Comfortable

The sounds of Texas.

By Joy DiazOctober 20, 2020 10:00 am, , ,

Michelle Reinhardt is president of Blue Action Democrats in Southwest Austin. She says the goal of her election season project, called Project Vote Safe, is to make sure everyone in line to cast a ballot is comfortable and well-hydrated, regardless of party affiliation. She and her team have been bringing wagons full of supplies to polling places during early voting. 

“In 2018 what we saw, especially on Election Day, were really long lines. People were excited to vote. What do you want when you’re waiting in line? You might get thirsty, so you want water. You might get hungry, so – snacks.. And the, sometimes you just get tired of standing, or maybe you can’t stand.”

“We had bought a bunch of chairs for meetings that we can’t have in person anymore, so we’re repurposing those.”

“Voting is important, no matter who you’re gonna vote for. We’re a pro voting club.”

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