Red Raiders Will See A Different Campus This Fall

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec says the coronavirus pandemic has transformed his college’s campus.

By Jill AmentMay 4, 2020 1:07 pm, ,

At Texas Tech University dorms will no longer be filled to capacity, according to President Lawrence Schovanec. And classroom instruction will also be different, he told Texas Standard on Monday. 

“We have to control the population density,” he said. 

To do that, there will be a variety of classroom instruction methods. While there will be some face-to-face classes, there will be online courses and a hybrid of the two, with some online and some in-person sessions. 

“When they come back to campus, it’s going to look very different  than the campus they saw when they left earlier this year,” Schovanec said. 

As for football, Schovanec and presidents of all the other Big 12 Conference schools are meeting every two weeks, via telephone conference call, to find a way that keeps everyone safe, but keeps the football season intact. 

There may be an abbreviated schedule or one that starts later and continues into the spring. 


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