San Antonio ISD’s Plan To Disrupt Economically Segregated Schools

Specialty schools encourage families to cross geographic boundaries.

By Camille Phillips & Bekah McNeelApril 10, 2018 6:59 am, , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

When Lexa Rijos and Jamie Roadman moved to southeast San Antonio 16 years ago, people warned them that there weren’t any good public schools in the area.

But when they heard a new public Montessori elementary was opening up down the block last year, they eagerly enrolled their 3-year-old son Santiago.

“We have friends whose kids go to Montessori school, and it sounded like a really neat way of teaching,” Roadman said. “It wasn’t something we had set our mind to beforehand, but it sort of fell into our lap and we’ve really enjoyed it.”

Not only was the curriculum enticing, but the school is designed to serve a mix of socioeconomic levels — some kids from middle class families, and some from low income families. For Rijos and Roadman, that has been a valuable benefit. For economically segregated San Antonio, it was something new.

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