San Antonio’s 24th Air Force Welcomes A New Commander

Under its new leader, the command will intensify its focus on cyber security, while space-related functions move to a Colorado-based unit.

By Paul FlahiveJuly 19, 2018 10:41 am, , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

About 250 airmen attended a presentation at Joint Base Lackland’s Gateway Club, featuring the culmination of 21 months of work: The transfer of authority over the 24th Air Force from Air Force Space Command to Air Force Air Combat Command.

“Off we go into the wild blue yonder,” they sang along with a brass band, closing the change of command ceremony Tuesday with the U.S. Air Force song.

Maj. General Chris Weggeman relinquished command of the 24th Air Force, after more than two years running the unit. He handed the reigns to Maj. General Robert Skinner.

The 24th Air Force oversees the branch’s cyber command, which builds and maintains the Air Force’s cyber networks, and oversees all the service’s defensive and offensive power.

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