Shark Wranglers Expedition Sails in Gulf of Mexico

Researchers at Texas A&M Galveston are going on a shark hunt.

By Hady MawajdehOctober 13, 2015 1:42 pm

Researchers at Texas A&M Galveston are spending 20 days tagging sharks in the Gulf of Mexico.

Scientists say they will also be taking blood samples to monitor health and migration patterns. Brett McBride is captain of the MV O-search, the ship tasked with the expedition. He says there are worldwide studies trying to understand sharks for conservation efforts.

“The more you learn about something, the better equipped you are to protect them,” he said. “If you can understand where they’re breeding, where they’re giving birth, where their nursery’s are – then you can take that information and put some common sense laws into place.”

McBride says he hopes to tag as many as 50 sharks. The expedition will return at the end of the month.