Singing For God, For Joy, For Fellowship, For Home

The Zimbabwe Fellowship was formed around a decade ago at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church. But the congregation’s choir, the Praise Team, has existed for only four years, under the direction of Elisha Shamuyarira. The choir can sing more conventional American gospel but they truly reach stratospheric levels singing in Shona, their home language, influenced by Afro-pop styles, and with Tsitsi Musabaeka as their tiny, powerhouse lead singer.

By Jerome WeeksJune 7, 2018 10:30 am, , ,

From KERA:

If you’ve driven along Northwest Highway in Dallas, you’ve seen Lovers Lane United Methodist Church. It’s unmistakable because it’s the large, tree-lined, white, rocket-ship-looking house of worship at Northwest and Inwood.

But back amongst all those trees, it’s not simply a church; it’s an entire complex of chapels, a school, a gym, a coffeehouse, various offices and ministries. It offers everything from traditional services to contemporary Christian music that can include country-western or Michael Jackson, even a jazz band. There are also two choirs made entirely of African immigrants – one just of people from Zimbabwe.

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