Small Horses Make A Big Difference In The Lives Of Kids And Seniors

Miniature horses bring joy to nursing home residents and kids in special needs classrooms.

By Laura RiceApril 21, 2017 12:56 pm,

Minis and Friends is a non-profit therapy horse group in Austin. The group has 12 miniature horses that work with special education classes in local schools, and with people in nursing homes.

Group member Julia Dworschack says although the horses are small, there isn’t actually a drop of pony blood in them.

Dworschack says mini horses like Fiona, a brown and white pinto, and Jooney Bell, a sorrel with a cream mane and tail, are able to help people because they so easily capture attention.

“My philosophy with them is that the reason people get so happy – and their job is just to smile and be happy – is because when you’re in their presence you can’t think of past and future,” Dworschack says. “You’re absorbed, they’re like magnets, they’re people magnets, attention magnets, and so you just are focused right here and when you’re focused right here, you’re happy.”


Written by Morgan O’Hanlon.