Study: Facebook Linked to Depression in Users

Scrolling through your friends’ Timelines could lead to some unhappy outcomes.

By Alain StephensAugust 26, 2015 2:06 pm,

Remember when you had to go back to school? Whether it was twenty years ago or yesterday, there were all sorts of social pressures for you to deal with. Who are you gonna sit with in the cafeteria? Who are you going to hang out with during recess? Well these days there’s a whole new layer of social decisions kids have to make due to the advent of social media. Just like physical pressures can have negative outcomes, so can the metaphysical. A study out of the University of Houston has linked Facebook to at least one outcome worse than losing hours on end scrolling through cute puppy photos; spending time on the site may lead to higher rates of depression.

So what is it about the social networking service that’s has some people feeling so down? Here to talk with the Standard is the Miley Steers, who conducted the study with the school’s department of social psychology.

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