SXSW Ones To Watch: Jake Lloyd

KUTX-Austin highlights performers worth checking out at this year’s SXSW Music Festival.

By Art LevyMarch 14, 2022 9:36 am, , ,

From KUTX:

Jake Lloyd’s unique approach to soul, R&B and hip hop was nurtured by his musical family in Round Rock, Texas. He grew up listening to fellow genre-blenders Prince and Rick James before trying his own hand at music. With the help of his producer and bandmate Danny Saldivar II (DSII), Lloyd has released a flurry of creative projects since 2018 that have him poised for international recognition.

Lloyd hit his stride with 2020’s Lloyd Pack EP and the song “Crossroading”, and last year he and Bastrop’s Deezie Brown collaborated for the atmospheric and inviting Geto Gala EP. A former KUTX Artist of The Month, Lloyd’s music has also been used by ESPN’s Longhorn Network, and his new single “Cold Summer” finds him continuing to evolve with a singular flow.

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