‘Beaucoup bucks’ are going into the Texas Republican primary runoffs

We recap the week in Texas politics with the Texas Tribune.

By Alexandra Hart and Wells DunbarMay 20, 2022 2:05 pm,

Texas primary runoff elections are this Tuesday, May 24, and plenty of spending is going into the races.

“You’re seeing beaucoup bucks,” says Texas Tribune political reporter James Barragán. “There’s a lot of money going into it. And the reason for that is that Republicans control the state Legislature pretty dominantly, but now it’s basically an intra-party war.”

“What kind of Republicans do they want to see in those seats?” Barragán asks, noting that while the current Republican leadership has “a pretty conservative record … there’s also people from the grassroots conservative side that want them to be even more conservative.” Those groups include Defend Texas Liberty PAC, funded by oil and gas CEO and influential Republican backer Tim Dunn.

For more on the week in Texas politics, including some fundraising news regarding Railroad Commission hopeful Sarah Stogner and the state bar complaint against Sen. Ted Cruz, listen to the interview in the audio player above.