Texas Foodies Will Soon Be Able To Enjoy Locally Sourced Jamon Iberico

Farmers outside Flatonia is raising acorn-loving Spanish ibérico pigs.


By Michael MarksAugust 8, 2017 12:45 pm,

Texas is making its mark on swine dining.

Acornseekers, a farm just west of Flatonia, is home to nearly 700 pure ibérico pigs – a black-hooved breed from a Spanish bloodline that can be traced back to before Roman times. Famous for their acorn-centric diet, the purebred ibérico pigs are responsible for the pork delicacy jamón ibérico.

Chuck Blount, a food columnist with the San Antonio Express-News, says that the first ibérico pigs arrived from overseas about four years ago, after disease in Spain had devastating effects on both the pigs and the region’s acorn-producing trees. Imports from Spain stopped and Texas, where live oak trees produce the acorns the pigs like, was chosen as a new home for the livestock.

Thus, American-produced “Ibericus” pork was born.

The high-end nature of the product may create some barriers, but Blount says Acornseekers is working to create a market for the Spanish delicacy here in the U.S.

“What they’re starting out with is they know that they have a high-end product,” Blount says. “They know that some of the restaurants probably can’t afford to keep that kind of meat in their supply, but they have done a good job of getting the word out.”


Written by Lila Weatherly.