Texas Football Fans Trending Away From Burnt Orange

“Gig ’em” over “Hook ’em?”

By Alain StephensMay 18, 2015 2:48 pm

The Texas Longhorns no longer have the majority of the states’ football fan base, according to Nielsen’s Year in Sports Media 2014. As Wescott Eberts wrote in his recent blog for Burnt Orange Nation, the Aggies have moved out of the Longhorns’ shadow. He joined host David Brown in studio.

What’s happening to Longhorn Nation?

“Right now a lot of what’s happening is the lack of success for Texas. They went to the national championship game in 2009 and they’ve really struggled a lot since then. The more important thing from the Texas A&M perspective is the move to the SEC…. They play more interesting games for fans and you really see that in the way the fans are trending.”

Have burnt orange profits disappeared along with the fans?

“The profits still haven’t disappeared. The longhorns have $10 million coming in from the Longhorn Network every year. They still have the largest merchandising sales. But one area where you really start seeing some erosion is in the season ticket sales.”

Could we see a Longhorn comeback soon?

“I think it’s gonna be difficult…. I’m not really sure the inroads that Texas is going to be able to make in terms of winning back some of these fans next year.”