Texas Standard For April 30, 2021

Where’d the $11 billion go? Now there’s a plan for federal pandemic aid money for Texas public schools. Emily Donaldson of The Dallas Morning News Education Lab on how badly needed federal aid will be distributed to Texas public schools. And: It’s Election Day tomorrow, and one of the most talked about ballot measures in the state will be decided in Lubbock – how that city found itself at the center of the debate over abortion restrictions. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardApril 30, 2021 9:59 am

Texas Federal Education Spending

Four months ago, Congress approved $18 billion in federal pandemic aid to Texas public schools. Democrats like Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett have taken aim at state officials, including Gov.Greg Abbott, for failing to distribute the aid promptly. On Wednesday, Gov. Abbott announced a majority of the money – some $11 billion – is now being released. Talking about how the money will be used is Emily Donaldson, education reporter for The Dallas Morning News.

Abortion Rights Ordinance On Lubbock Ballots

This Saturday, Lubbock residents will decide on one of the most divisive elections the city has seen, whether or not to ban abortions. The proposed ordinance has already been shot down by the city council, but a petition drive put the issue on the ballot anyway. Texas Tech Public Media’s Sarah Self-Walbrick reports on how Lubbock’s culture led the city to be at the center of an abortion debate.

New Effort To Target Smugglers

This week, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced a new effort targeting groups smuggling migrants into the United States. Those organizations are doing a brisk business lately, as the number of migrants apprehended at the Southern border reached record levels last month. Angela Kocherga with KTEP El Paso has more.

Commentary: Peniel Joseph On Derek Chauvin Verdict And Biden’s First 100 Days

President Biden addressed Congress and the nation this week, just ahead of his 100th day in office. One of the lines in his speech that drew much attention has affirmation that “white supremacy is terrorism.” Commentator Peniel Joseph has been examining President Biden’s record so far in addressing America’s racial division and inequities.

Texas Rent Relief Follow-Up

The Texas Rent Relief program had a shaky start when it launched in February. Six weeks later, only 250 Texans had received rental help out of the 72,000 people who applied. KERA reporter Christopher Connelly has the story of one Fort Worth woman whose case fell through the cracks.

Historic Orchestra Collaboration

The Dallas Symphony will perform with members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for two concerts at the Meyerson Symphony Center, a historic collaboration. KERA’s Jerome Weeks has the story.

50th Anniversary Of The Frozen Margarita Machine

There are many things that’ll quench a Texan’s thirst on a hot summer day: an iced tea, cold beer … or the iconic frozen Margarita. This Texas-born cocktail sparked a revolution in the restaurant industry, and 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the machine that made it possible. Here with her look at the machine’s  inventor is Texas Monthly food writer Pat Sharpe.

Typewriter Rodeo: ‘I Missed The Pink Moon’

Week In Texas Politics

While February’s freezing temperatures were undoubtedly a natural disaster, the state’s response – or lack thereof –  continues to invite scrutiny. Now, an unflinching investigation examines an aspect of the freeze that killed at least 10 Texans and sent over 1,400 more people to the emergency room. Perla Trevizo is a reporter with the ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit, and joins us to talk about carbon monoxide deaths stemming from the February freeze.

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Social Media Editor Wells Dunbar with the Talk of Texas.

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