Texas Standard for December 13, 2021

The Texas secretary of state asks for detailed information on the 2020 presidential election from four Texas counties. Why? We’ll have more on whats described as phase two of a controversial audit of voting in Texas in the November 2020 elections. And: The National Guard’s involvement in an ongoing border mission, and new concerns about soldier deaths, car crashes and other issues. Also: Texas grapefruit growers grow concerned over the future of their industry with a lifting of rules on imports. Plus: An artist committing the tastes of her Texas community to canvas. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardDecember 13, 2021 9:54 am,

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Monday, December 13, 2021.

North Texas Election Audit

It’s full steam ahead for Texas’ audit of 2020 election results, on the heels of former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims the election was stolen from him. Earlier this fall, Trump called for Texas’ secretary of state to perform a full audit of its election results, even though he won the state by 5 percentage points. Phil Jankowski, political reporter for The Dallas Morning News, tells us how the audit is making its way to some of North Texas’ largest counties.

 National Guard Failures at the Border

Soldier deaths, alcohol and drug abuse, car accidents leading to costly damages – these are just a few of the issues National Guard personnel have experienced since deploying to the U.S.-Mexico border. Davis Winkie, staff reporter for the Army Times, speaks about his investigation into troops at the border.

Foreign Investment

New analysis shows investment by foreign-owned companies in Texas has led to more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs across the state. As Houston Public Media’s Jack Williams reports, the numbers also show a recent rebound in foreign direct investment after a few down years.

Prison and Jail Innovation Lab

A new criminal justice initiative in Texas aims to rethink incarceration in the United States. Michele Deitch, professor at the University of Texas’ LBJ School of Public Affairs, talks to the Texas Standard about the goals of the Prison and Jail Innovation Lab, which she founded.

Importing Grapefruit from Mexico

February’s freeze was a disaster for grapefruit growers in the Rio Grande Valley. They’ve only produced half the grapefruit they normally would in a season, so grapefruit imports from Mexico are on the rise. That has some producers worried about the long-term market for their crop, since some of the fruit coming into the United States doesn’t meet established quality standards. Luis Ribera, professor of agricultural economics at Texas A&M University, tells us more.

Art and Food in San Antonio

Artist Eva Marengo Sanchez speaks with host David Brown about an exhibition of her work at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio.

Gonzalez ICE Confirmation

President Joe Biden nominated Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez to be his director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement back in April. The post is one of the most important law enforcement jobs in the nation, but the Senate has yet to vote on Gonzalez’s confirmation. Houston Public Media’s government reporter Andrew Schneider explains why.

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Michael Marks with the talk of Texas.

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