Texas Standard For December 23, 2020

Got a book lover on your shortlist, Santa? Join us for a special edition of the Texas Standard – we’re looking back at more of the titles that caught our attention this year. It’s all about books today, as we dig into the library and prepare to turn the page for 2020:

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We’re so glad you’re spending a little of your pre-holiday time with us. Speaking of the holiday, gotta get any last minute gifts before Christmas? Well if you have book lovers in your life, have a listen and check out the stories below. We’ll be spending the hour highlighting some of our favorites from 2020.

New Book Puts Women At Center Of Mexican Revolution

“Revolutionary Women of Texas and Mexico” tells war stories of women in the 20th century and beyond, who became part of Mexico’s “collective DNA.”

Lyla Lee Writes The Kinds Of Books She Wanted To Read When She Was A Kid

Lee loved reading books when she was growing up, but as an Asian American, she didn’t see herself in many of those stories.

‘Bee Fearless,’ The New Memoir From A Texas Teen, Covers Life Business and Lemonade

The 15-year-old author and lemonade company CEO Mikaila Ulmer, advises readers to ‘dream like a kid,’ when it comes to business.

‘How To Astronaut’ – A Memoir To Inspire Future Space Travelers

“I wanted to make a fun book that’s accessible to everybody … anybody who’s interested in space,” says retired NASA astronaut Terry Virts.

‘No Way But To Fight’ Chronicles George Foreman’s Life As Houstonian, Champion Boxer And Pitchman

Many people know Foreman for pitching the George Foreman Grill, but he was also two-time heavyweight boxing champion and fought Muhammad Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle.

The Texas Rangers: Revisiting A Complicated Legend

A new history of the storied law enforcement agency tells tales of bravery and brutality.

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