Texas Standard For January 1, 2019

The ball has dropped; launching 2019. Now gavels are set to drop in the Texas Capitol. Are you ready for the 86th session? Every two years it happens: members of the Texas House and Senate gather under the pink dome in Austin, launching a season of debates over laws and spending that affect most of all of us. In 2019, what should we expect – or brace for? That’s our focus this hour as we take a long hard look at the lege, set to get underway in earnest just one week from today. It’s a special New Year’s Day edition of the Texas Standard.

By Texas StandardJanuary 1, 2019 11:00 am

In The House, “There’s A New Sheriff In Town”

The 86th Texas Legislature will convene in one week. Fireworks get started on Tuesday, January 8, but already, several pieces are starting to fall into place. Texas Standard Host David Brown talked with Sylvia-Gonzalez-Gorman, assistant professor of political science at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, and Jeremy Wallace, state bureau reporter for the Houston Chronicle.

Listen to the full interview in the audio player above.

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Lawmakers File Hundreds Of Bills Ahead Of 2019 Session

By Ryan Poppe, Texas Public Radio

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New Report Indicates One In Five Texas Children Lives in Poverty

he Center for Public Policy Priorities published its 2018 State of Texas Children report, and is creating policy recommendations based on its findings.

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How Democratic Wins In Texas House Races Could Shape The Upcoming Legislative Session

Representatives from both sides of the aisle agree that while the Democrats won’t have a majority in the House, they will influence the election for the new House speaker, among other things.

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As Teen Suicide Rates Climb, Texas Legislators Discuss Mental Health Services In Schools

The number of Texas teens who have considered suicide is well above the national average.

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Texas House’s Sexual Harassment Workgroup Meets To Create Permanent Policies

The group made temporary changes to the former, toothless policy, and is now working on rules that would hold House members accountable for abuse.

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How Close Is Texas To Legalizing Marijuana?

At their state convention last week, Republicans added medical marijuana use and decriminalization to their party platform.

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