Texas Standard For September 17, 2021

It is being described as a new humanitarian challenge – reporters say 10,000 migrants or more massed under a bridge in Del Rio. Details today on the Texas Standard. A new crisis at the border, as local and federal officials appear overwhelmed by the masses in need, most apparently fleeing conditions in Haiti. We’ll have more with a reporter on the ground in Del Rio. And: With the crumbling of Trump’s plans for a federal border wall, some Texans living along the border are finding getting back their seized land not a simple matter. We’ll hear about the complications and the impact. Also: We’ll meet a Texas musical innovator dubbed the king of the brown sound.

By Texas StandardSeptember 17, 2021 9:30 am

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Friday, September 17, 2021.

Haitian Migrants in Del Rio

The nation’s eyes are once again on the Texas-Mexico border as reports say more than 10,000 migrants — many from Haiti — are sheltering under a bridge in Del Rio. Arelis Hernández, Texas-based border correspondent for the Washington Post, has been covering the latest developments and shares them with the Standard.

RGV Land Return Cases

President Biden pledged to return property to landowners that was seized during the Trump administration. That’s just now starting to happen for some landowners in the Rio Grande Valley, but not all of them. For more, the Standard checks in with Dave Hendricks, a freelance reporter based in the RGV.

St. Mary’s Law School’s New Online JD

St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio has launched the nation’s first fully online J.D. program approved by the American Bar Association. Texas Public Radio’s Camille Phillips reports with more.

TCU Rhino initiative

For years, rhinoceros numbers have been dwindling, killed at the hands of poachers looking to sell their horns on the black market. But you might be surprised that a Texas university is a leader in rhino conservation. Michael Slattery, director of the Institute for Environmental studies at Texas Christian University, is also co-founder of TCU’s Rhino Initiative. He joins the Texas Standard.

Vaccine Mask Messaging Language

In the fight against COVID-19, words matter. And the messaging around the pandemic has become more politically charged than ever. But how did we get here and how can we move conversations forward? Lu Tang is an associate professor specializing in health communication at Texas A&M University. She talks with the Texas Standard.

Hispanic Heritage Month, part 1

Hispanic Heritage Month kicked off this week. To mark it, we’re highlighting stories from the community with the help of the Voces Oral History Center at UT Austin’s Moody College of Communication. Little Joe Hernandez is an innovator in Tejano music and the leader of “Little Joe y La Familia,” one of the most enduring Tejano bands in the country. But as Marian Navarro explains, Little Joe’s influences goes far beyond just his music.

Mystery Boxes on THE Beach

For the past few years, mysterious objects have been washing up on beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Texas Public Radio’s Dominic Anthony Walsh looked into the phenomena.

Typewriter Rodeo

We always end the week with a poem from the Typewriter Rodeo. Request a topic for a poem anytime by reaching out!

The week in Politics, with The Texas Tribune

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Shelly Brisbin with the talk of Texas.

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