The Family History Behind This Texas Sandwich Shop

This Texan’s family got into the restaurant business in America after leaving Sicily.

By Texas StandardJune 13, 2016 9:49 am,

Since his family came to America, Tre Cardon says his family’s always been in the restaurant business. His great-grandfather, who came from Sicily, started a sandwich shop in Texas.

“Pretty much since then my whole extended family has owned restaurants,” he says.

In 1976, his uncle opened the first Jason’s Deli in Beaumont. “There’s no Jason,” he says. “As kids, we developed these theories about why it was called Jason’s Deli. For example, he has a son named Jay so, Jay-son’s Deli. To this day it’s not exactly known why it’s called Jason’s Deli.’

Cardon says the restaurant is an homage to how his uncle’s father, Cardon’s grandfather, raised his family here in Texas.

“We used to go and get sandwiches,” Cardon says, “and he was never really satisfied with the sandwich, so he would go in and create his own sandwich and tell them exactly how to make it.”

Post by Hannah McBride.