The Story of A Table Company That Brings People Together

“I set a goal to serve 500 people, one dinner party after another that first year.”

By Texas StandardDecember 27, 2016 11:44 am,

One day, Sarah Harmeyer asked her father to build her a 20-person dinner table for her yard. She set a goal of 500 people to serve that first year.

“On Thanksgiving day, the 500th guest walked down the driveway,” Harmeyer says. “You could have heard hoopin’ and hollerin’ five blocks over because I was excited I met that goal.”

A few years later, Harmeyer wondered if other communities were looking for ways to bring people together – and Neighbor’s Table was born.

“We build handcrafted tables now, encouraging people to put them in their yard and to gather those that are around them,” she says.