This American Expat Is Helping Others Like Her Vote In 2020

The sounds of Texas.

By Joy Diaz & Caroline CovingtonOctober 13, 2020 2:43 pm, , , ,

Jane Scheiring is a 62-year-old American living abroad. She’s lived away from the United States for decades, first in London, then the Middle East, and now Munich. This will be the fourth presidential election she will have voted in from abroad, and she’s helping other expats navigate the voting process.


Scheiring and her children, both of whom were born outside of the United States.

“My son was only 2 when we were in Texas, and he started to learn to speak there, and then we moved into this small German village. And when we would go out walking, he would say to the neighbors, he’d say, ‘Hi Buddy! How are ya doin’?’ … You know how Texans are – that kind of excitement when they greet people.”


“One vote does and can make a big difference. … In Munich, in the little village that I live in, I absolutely love it but I realized I have no voice here. When you’re faced with that, and you think, ‘Wow’ – it’s kind of scary. It’s my voice and I want it to be heard.”


“I’ve been very busy. I met an African-American woman who’s from Louisiana who’s a gospel singer who’s been here for many years, and I met her because I printed out her ballot for her. She didn’t have a printer. … And then there was an 87-year-old American woman who lives alone and has no printer and no computer, and I helped her do everything to get her ballot. … Voting is important; it’s really, really a great privilege.”

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