This Attorney’s Red Cowboy Boots Say She Means Business

The boots helped her fight for families – until the boots went missing.

By Joy Diaz & Laura RiceDecember 21, 2017 10:30 am, ,

Pamela Parker’s father was from North Carolina and he grew up with that romance of Texas.

“He was in love with the mythology of the Texans and so he was very excited when I moved here,” she says. “He called me up and just about the first thing he said was, ‘You’ve got to have a pair of boots.’ So the first time he came to visit, he took me out shopping and I bought a pair of red cowboy boots.”

Parker is an attorney who works with families who have children with special needs. She says she wears her red boots to tell families that she’s going to take care of business.

She put the boots on her logo and asked her daughter to photograph them for the website.

“I cannot tell you how astonishing this is to me, but she lost my boots. She actually lost a pair of red cowboy boots. How do you lose a pair of boots?” she says. “And I had just put them up all over my website, I had a logo, I had business cards with the boots on em.”

Suddenly, she had no red boots. After 25 years with her boots, Parker was devastated by the loss.

But this is a story with a happy ending.

“My mom bought me the new pair for Christmas, because I was just walking around complaining and crying about not having my boots,” she says. “And I got this lovely new pair from my mother for Christmas.”


Written by Jen Rice.