This Former Texan Misses the Hill Country Heat

Who’d have thought our hot summers (and springs … and falls) were something to miss?

By Beth Cortez-NeavelAugust 22, 2016 10:20 am,

Ellen Rackley currently lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, but she originally hails from Corpus Christi. She says there’s something particular about the Texas hill country that she misses: cold rivers and big hills that are almost mountainous, but not quite. But one thing tops her list: our hot Texas summers.

She and her husband recently took a trip to Austin to get their fill.

“It seems so crazy that we would miss that hot, oppressive, humid part of home and yet, my husband and I really did,” Rackley says.

“We got some Salt Lick barbecue, and we floated the river, and we got to see family,” she says. “And it was the most Texas four days that we’d ever had in our entire lives. And it was wonderful.”