This Texas Politician May Have Run The Strangest Campaign Ever

Donald Trump’s run for president has people talking, but his campaign has a thing or two in common with a presidential hopeful from the past — Ross Perot.

By Rhonda Fanning and David BrownAugust 10, 2015 1:29 pm,

One of the joys of the 2016 Presidential campaign season so far has been watching political pundits squirm over the candidacy of Donald Trump. Say what you want about the candidate himself — and why not? Everyone else has. But that’s the point. His verbal atrocities against war heroes, women, Mexicans, you name it, do not have predictable effects.

But this curious candidacy is not without precedent. Jason Johnson is a professor and political historian at Hiram College. He joins the Standard to discuss another unorthodox campaign: Ross Perot’s.