Through Science, One 9-Year-Old Makes The Most Of Quarantine

Fourth-grader Diego Alejandro Cervantes Marti has been posting elaborate videos about science on YouTube while he’s at home during the pandemic.

By Joy DiazMay 22, 2020 1:11 pm, ,

Nine-year-old Diego Alejandro Cervantes Marti has been making science videos during the pandemic quarantine. His mom had the idea to make the videos like a news show.

“But not just based on science; it’s also based on language arts,” he said.

Cervantes Marti has special guests on the show (which are played by him, dressed as different characters like “Dr. Uzbekistan” and NASA scientist “Dr. Joe”) and they talk about subjects like invasive species, including the coquí, or three-toed, frog.

“Unlike other frogs, they actually have no webbed feet.”

In another episode, Cervantes Marti talked about the phases of the moon.

He also pretended to be a marine biologist in a “breaking news” segment about plastic pollution in the ocean, and what can be done to fix it.

“We make a script and my brother holds it and my mom records. And we also made a green screen, but in the first video we used our TV, which had YouTube on it – if you know what YouTube is.”

Web story by Caroline Covington.


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