Texas Standard For January 29, 2021

Could you draw a map of the state of Texas? Try drawing the political maps. This year, it promises to be tougher than ever. As redistricting begins in Texas, what to look for in what is likely to be another highly contentious process. And: Are you having trouble getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Many are. Our own Terri Langford set out to try to navigate the journey to get vaccinated in Texas, and it wasn’t pretty. We’ll hear what she learned firsthand. Also: The story of a Texas-based video game store stock that rocked Wall Street: a morality tale? The truth’s not quite so simple. All that and more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardJanuary 29, 2021 9:30 am

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Friday, January 29, 2021.

Redistricting in Texas

Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University talks to the Standard about how state lawmakers are tackling redistricting or drawing election boundaries. Because new Census numbers won’t be released until April, will that force the legislature to go into a special session this summer to complete redistricting?

Texas Vaccine Distribution Frustration

If you’re over the age of 65, or you are over the age of 16 and have an underlying health condition, you are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in Texas. But eligibility is one thing and getting a dose, quite another. The Standard’s Terri Langford spent this week looking at what most of you are looking at – the Texas Department of State Health website – for clues as to why there’s so much frustration about how to sign up and get those vaccine appointments booked.

Vaccine at Rural Walmart

Walmart is administering COVID-19 vaccinations at six stores in Texas. The major retailer joins a sporadic list of retail stores with pharmacies offering the vaccine across the state. Texas Public Radio’s Joey Palacios reports the Walmarts are in mostly smaller communities.

GameStop and Wall Street 

The Reddit vs Wall Street saga has both intrigued and well, confused many. The “little guy” versus the hedge funds narrative it began with has evolved into something far more complex and precarious. Derek Thompson, a writer for The Atlantic talks to the Standard about the continuing market saga.

Remain in Mexico

Two years ago today, the Trump administration launched the Migrant Protection Protocols, or MPP, which forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until a U.S. immigration judge decides their case. Officials said the policy would help weed out weak or fraudulent claims, but it came under fire for forcing many migrants into dangerous, squalid living conditions and far from any legal counsel. President Joe Biden suspended the policy, and no one else will be placed in the program. But what will happen to people who are already in the program, and whose asylum hearings are on indefinite hold during the pandemic? KERA’s Mallory Falk reports.

Pandemic Baby Moms

Almost a year into the coronavirus pandemic, some new mothers have experienced pregnancy, labor and delivering a newborn, all under unusual circumstances. Texas Tech Public Media’s Sarah Self-Walbrick reports how baby moms in Lubbock have kept going through the challenges of pandemic life.

Commentary: Biden’s First Week

President Biden has been in office for just over a week now. The administration is facing challenges on numerous fronts. Actions on battling the coronavirus and climate change are two that have drawn a lot of attention. But commentator Peniel Joseph has been watching to see if Biden will back up the campaign promises he made towards addressing systemic racism and inequality.

 Typewriter Rodeo

The Week in Politics with The Texas Tribune

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Social Media Editor Wells Dunbar with the talk of Texas.

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