Texas Standard For March 3, 2021

A lifting of mask mandates and a 100% reopening of business effective a week from today. But many warn this is too much, too soon. Coming up details of the governor’s rollback of regulations on masks and occupancy levels in businesses. And: Reaction from the mayor of San Antonio and from listeners reaching out to us on social media. Also: 50 Texas scientists pen an open letter to lawmakers urging them to think of the winter storm as a warning about climate change and what Texas needs to do to get ready. Plus: A new documentary on regional cuisine digs deep into what it means to be Truly Texas Mexican. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

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By Texas StandardMarch 3, 2021 9:30 am

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

Abbott Lifts COVID Mandates 

Gov. Greg Abbott is reopening Texas. He has announced the state mandate to wear masks will be rescinded next week. Allie Morris, an Austin bureau correspondent for The Dallas Morning News, talks to the Standard about what the governor said yesterday. Reactions to Gov Abbott’s announcement yesterday have been mixed. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg talks to the Standard about why he thinks it is a mistake.

Plumbing Apprentices

Since Winter Storm Uri left, there’s been an overwhelming demand for repair workers. Homeowners are especially scrambling to find plumbers to diagnose and fix leaks and water heaters damaged during the power and water outages. Texas Public Radio’s Carson Frame reports from San Antonio on how Texas put new rules so more qualified people can join the effort.

Axis Deer and Freeze

Exotic animal ranches offer hunters a chance to hunt an animal from far-flung corners of the planet without straying too far from home. But importing animals from other climates has consequences. Take for instance the axis deer, a species from India. It was brought to Texas in the 1930s as a game animal and now they’re all over the Hill Country. But during the Texas freeze a few weeks ago, the axis deer did not fare well. Wes Ferguson, senior editor at Texas Monthly, talks to the Standard.

Texas Climate Scientists Letter

In an open letter published in The Dallas Morning News, a group of Texas climate scientists are urging the state to take the threat of climate change seriously and prepare accordingly. Leading the charge is Ginny Catania, a professor at UT’s Jackson School of Geosciences.

Truly Texas Mexican Doc

Over time and during conquest, comida casera – home cooking of Texas Mexican families – sustained indigenous identity and memory. Cooking deer, cactus and tortillas, women led the cultural resistance against colonization. The documentary “Truly Texas Mexican” tells the story of the racism that erased Native American history and celebrates the food of a community.


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