Texas Standard for September 23, 2022

With record numbers of detentions at the border, where do we stand with immigration enforcement? We’ll have the head of Customs and Border Protection today. And: With fewer than 50 days until statewide elections, today the second interview in our look at the agriculture commissioner’s race. Yesterday it was the Democratic challenger. Today, our conversation with incumbent Republican Sid Miller. Also: Details of a new survey of Texans on gun regulations and, in the wake of Uvalde, the psychological impact on parents, teachers and students. Plus: Concerns about a shortage of certified teachers in the classroom, the week that was in Texas politics and more today on the Texas Standard:

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Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Friday, September 23, 2022.

Eric Adams reacts to Greg Abbott’s busing of migrants to New York

Hear new developments in this update at the top of the show.  

Sid Miller’s vision for Texas agriculture commissioner

Joining us to talk about his tenure as agriculture commissioner is Sid Miller, who is running for re-election this November. We’ll hear from him in this Q&A today.  

Changes to gun laws won’t be many voters’ top issue

A new survey finds an overwhelming majority of Texans support gun reform on some level. Houston Public Media’s Matt Thomas spoke with a political science professor who says while most Texans endorse changes, guns likely still won’t be the top issue for voters this year. 

Border Patrol chief tours El Paso

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus toured government facilities Wednesday, meeting with local leaders trying to manage the large influx of migrants arriving from Venezuela. KTEP’s Angela Kocherga interviewed the commissioner and brings us this report. 

False report of school shooter lays bare post-Uvalde anxieties

Unconfirmed reports of an active shooter at a San Antonio high school shook students and parents earlier this week. The reports were false, but for the hundreds of parents that arrived at the school, tensions and anxiety were high. And amid the confusion, altercations between parents and police led to several people being detained. For licensed psychologist and trauma expert Jeff Temple, it’s no surprise. He joins us to talk about the effect massacres like the one in Uvalde have had on parents. 

Houston ISD is the largest district in Texas, but it’s getting smaller. What does that mean for funding?

The largest school district in Texas is getting smaller. Houston ISD’s student body has shrunk by more than 10% over the past three years. Houston Public Media’s Dominic Anthony Walsh has more on the historic decline in enrollment. 

Texas schools are scrambling for teachers. Will the Lege do anything to fix it?

Though student enrollment has dipped in some districts, many others in the state are facing severe teacher shortages. And with the next legislative session coming up in a little over three months, the teacher shortage is expected to be a key priority, Dallas Morning News Education Lab reporter Talia Richman says. She joins with more.  

Typewriter Rodeo 

The gang delivers another custom poem.   

The week in Texas politics

Texas Tribune political reporter James Barragán stops by with a recap of the week that was.

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Social Media Editor Wells Dunbar with the talk of Texas.

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