Texas Standard For August 19, 2020

Calls for defunding police now getting pushback from Texas’ top three elected officials, setting up a major fight between state lawmakers and cities. A vow from Texas GOP leaders at the State Capitol to cap property tax revenue for cities that move to make cuts in law enforcement budgets. We’ll have details. And: How the Senate race in Texas could be a factor in calls for reform in sexual harassment policies in the U.S. military. Plus: Madlin Meckleberg with a PoliticFact check about who votes republican in the Lone Star State and much more.

By Texas StandardAugust 19, 2020 9:30 am

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Gov. Abbott’s Statement On Police Funding

Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that he will push for a measure during the upcoming legislative session to cap property taxes in any Texas city that cuts police funding. Pablo Garnham from the Texas Tribune reports.

MJ Hegar and Sexual Harassment in the Military

M.J. Hegar, the Democratic challenger to U.S. Sen. John Cornyn is at the center of an issue that’s in the national spotlight: military justice. The death of Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén has re-ignited the debate over how to address sexual harassment and assault in the military.

Houston’s Pandemic Housing Market

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to be bad for a number of Houston businesses. But one exception is the housing market, which, after a dip earlier in the year, is now thriving.

Telementors Helps Frontline Workers

Two Texas high schoolers wanted to help doctors and nurses who spend long hours at work, away from their kids. So they created “Telementors,” a program that provides educational and emotional support to children of health care and frontline workers.

Homeless Students and COVID

This school year comes with a myriad of new challenges for both students and teachers. Those challenges are compounded for homeless students, and advocates worry this population may be quietly growing, given the unprecedented economic hardships many families are facing.

West Texas Doctor

One night in late June, while his wife and children slept, Javier Bejarano typed out his will. The Odessa contractor could barely breathe, his lungs so inflamed from COVID-19. Then he turned to a treatment pitched by a West Texas doctor and the turnaround in Bejarano’s health was remarkable.

PolitiFact: Wu on Average Republican Voters’ Age

During an interview with Progress Texas, a liberal advocacy group, State Rep. Gene Wu, D-Houston, claimed the Republican voters are on average 20 years older than Democratic ones in Texas. Is that a fact?

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