Texas Standard for May 12, 2022: Abbott reignites push for school vouchers

Gov. Greg Abbott is pushing to radically change how Texas funds education, but school vouchers have historically been a tough sell in the state Legislature. Will this time be any different? And: Why there’s a rise in gun theft from autos. Also: Tech expert Omar Gallaga on what to do if you’re locked out of Google. Those stories and more on the Texas Standard:

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Greg Abbott reignites push for school vouchers

Its backers call it “school choice.” Others call it a voucher system. Either way, Gov. Greg Abbott is pushing to radically change how Texas funds education. The governor says he wants state education money to follow each student – whether that student attends public school, private school, or perhaps another option like online or home schooling. School vouchers have historically been a tough sell in the state Legislature. Will this time be any different? We’re talking to Richard Pineda, communication professor at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Both runoffs for Texas attorney general target Ken Paxton

The two major political parties have yet to finalize many of their nominations for the November general election. Later this month, Texans will be settling some of those contests by voting in the primary runoff elections. At the top of the ballot for both Democrats and Republicans is the contest for attorney general. Texas Public Radio’s David Martin Davies has more.

Cockroaches ‘everywhere’ — for many refugees in Dallas, home can be a health hazard

Where you live may be hazardous to your health – although sometimes, those dangers may not be immediately apparent. Christopher Connelly of KERA reports on the potential health impacts of housing problems commonly found in the Dallas neighborhood of Vickery Meadow.

So you’re locked out of your Google account. Now what?

For many, a Google account is the gateway to a suite of tools we use each day. If you have a Gmail account, you’ve probably also used Google Docs, and perhaps Calendar or Photos. But what happens to all that productivity if you get locked out of your account? Our tech expert Omar Gallaga went to the source to get some answers, and wrote about it for Wired Magazine

Lock your car, take your keys, hide your … handguns?

Gun theft from automobiles is on the rise, according to a new report from gun control nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety. The report says auto thefts are part of an upward trend over the past decade, but 2020 saw a marked increase over previous years. Sarah Burd-Sharps, senior director of research at Everytown for Gun Safety, shares the findings.

Introducing Oblivion Access, the underground and extreme Austin music festival

Re-christened and returning after a two year, pandemic-imposed absence, Oblivion Access is set to challenge Texas audiences with a confrontational blend of bands and genres, music and art at venues across Capitol City this weekend. We’re talking to fest cofounder Dusty Brooks in this music-rich Q&A.

For the Ukrainian military, a long partnership with U.S. National Guard units is paying dividends

Former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev – an ally of Vladmir Putin – issued a stern warning to NATO over its role in supplying arms and heavy weapons to Ukraine, saying NATO’s military assistance “increased the likelihood of a direct and open conflict.” But there’s more to Ukraine’s recent military success against Russia, including a little-known U.S. initiative built around state National Guards. For the American Homefront Project, Jay Price reports.

All this, plus the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Wells Dunbar with the Talk of Texas.

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