Texas Standard for April 8, 2024: Live from the Kerrclipse Festival 😎

Tune in for a special broadcast from the Kerrclipse Festival, on the grounds of the famous Kerrville Folk Festival.

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Here are the stories on an all-eclipse edition of Texas Standard for Monday, April 8, 2024:

What’s the weather looking like?

As you no doubt have heard, whether the weather will cooperate is the big question looming over the total solar eclipse.

Eric Berger, editor of Space City Weather, gives us the forecast.

What to watch for in the eclipse

The Solar Wind Sherpas are an international group of scientists and explorers who travel the world observing and studying total solar eclipses.

Bridgewater State University professor Martina Arndt joins the Standard with suggestions of what to watch for in the skies.

A musical interlude from Kerrville

The Texas Standard team has been set up in Kerrville since Saturday. Producer Michael Marks chatted with Mike Allen, an Austin resident and mandolin player who’s been attending the Kerrville Folk Festival for 25 years.

The things a total eclipse can tell scientists

What are researchers looking to glean from the total solar eclipse, and how can that information help?

Benjamin Boe, a Wentworth Institute of Technology professor and Solar Wind Sherpas member, joins the Standard with more.

How NASA is approaching the eclipse, and what it’s looking for

The Sherpas aren’t the only ones gathering data in Kerrville: NASA is, too.

NASA’s chief scientist, Dr. Kate Calvin, joins the Standard with a rundown on the data the space agency’s looking to collect.

How people that are blind or with limited vision can experience the eclipse in sound

During the total eclipse, it’s what people will see that makes the moment special: the sky’s change from light to dark and back again.

But a group of astronomers at Harvard wants everyone to experience these rare moments, including observers who are blind, or have limited vision. Harvard astronomer Allyson Bieryla explains.

What is the ‘observer effect?’

Astronauts have said to experience something they call an overview effect or observer effect – and some have said the same thing happens to those who witness an eclipse.

We’ll hear more from Sarah Auriemma, a data analyst for the Space Weather Group at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences.

The Kerrville Folk Festival broadens out

As we’ve said a time or two, the Standard’s broadcasting from the Kerrclipse Festival on the Kerrville Folk Festival grounds.

Festival executive director Deb Rouse joins the show with a look to the fest’s storied past and what’s ahead.

All this, plus the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Shelly Brisbin with the Talk of Texas.

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