Texas Standard for April 9, 2024: Revisiting the exploits of a notorious Texas jewel thief

Author Rena Pederson’s new book, “The King of Diamonds,” explores the story of an elusive thief who made off with millions in jewels from Dallas high society in the 50s and 60s.

By Texas StandardApril 9, 2024 9:10 am,

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Tuesday, April 9, 2024:

Texas Eclipse Festival shut down early amid threat of severe weather

At least 30,000 people gathered in Burnet, a small town northwest of Austin, for the Texas Eclipse Festival. The event was billed as a four-day music festival with immersive experiences on site.

However, the festival was shut down Monday morning before the eclipse occurred due to the threat of severe weather in the area. Festival-goers were told to pack up and leave and to expect traffic delays.

We’ll hear more about what happened from Johnny Caraway, the fire marshal for the City of Burnet.

Will civil service protections for Frisco firefighters improve safety — or cost too much?

Some North Texas firefighters are concerned their department doesn’t have enough people on the team to keep residents safe. Frisco firefighters are hoping the community will vote in May to give them more power to negotiate for what they need.

But KERA’s Caroline Love reports those against the changes include Frisco city officials who say the complaints are overblown.

Nonprofit prepares for sea turtle hatching on South Padre

Sea turtle nesting season is underway on South Padre Island. The nonprofit organization Sea Turtle Inc. is on round-the-clock-patrol, checking on nests and preparing for the thousands of turtles expected to hatch along the state’s southernmost beaches.

Texas Public Radio’s Gaige Davila has more:

The sounds of the total eclipse

People in the path of yesterday’s total solar eclipse were able to experience darkness in the middle of the day – as well as some unusual sounds.

We’ll hear from a few folks who were in the path of totality:

The state of the energy industry and what to expect this year

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas recently released its first quarter energy survey. The Fed heard from nearly 150 energy firms about the state of the industry and what to expect in the coming year.

Here to dive into the report is Matt Smith, energy analyst for Kpler, dives into the report.

Revisiting the exploits of a notorious Texas jewel thief, the ‘King of Diamonds’

They were at the top of Dallas high society in the 50s and 60s: millionaires with private planes and prestigious country club memberships, their bank accounts often lined with oil money.

Many of them were also victims of a character whose exploits seemed ripped from a movie script, slipping over the fences of the city’s finest homes – sometimes dropping in from rooftops – and making off with millions in jewels.

A half century later, whatever happened to the elusive Texas jewel thief? We’re talking to author Rena Pederson, who picks up the trail in her new book, “The King of Diamonds.”

These couples say separate bedrooms saved their sleep. Is it right for you?

If you take cues from TV dramas, or from books offering marriage advice, sleeping apart from a partner is a bad sign. But sometimes, a decision to sleep separately has more to do with comfort, or one partner’s snoring.

We usually chat with Omar Gallaga about technology news, but his latest piece for CNET takes on a phenomenon, derisively called “sleep divorce” by some, that adherents say has actually helped their relationship.

All this, plus the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Raul Alonzo with the Talk of Texas.

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