Texas Standard for Jan. 17, 2023: New NSA recruitment effort underway in San Antonio

With the nation facing an increasing number of cyber threats, the National Security Agency is recruiting staff to keep up – and as it tries to find more employees, NSA Texas is coming out of the shadows.

By Texas StandardJanuary 17, 2023 9:04 am,

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023:

How food supply chain, inflation are affecting Texans’ shopping carts

Texans who’ve gone to the grocery store recently may have noticed that some staples cost quite a bit more than they used to. The price of eggs has doubled in the past couple of weeks, but they are far from the only items to see shortages or price spikes since the COVID pandemic started almost three years ago. Justin Benavidez, a professor and extension economist for Texas A&M AgriLife, speaks to the Texas Standard about how the pandemic has influenced our food supply chain.

The latest on the El Paso district attorney’s office

In November, then-El Paso District Attorney Yvonne Rosales resigned from her job, rather than face removal over accusations of misconduct and incompetence. Since then, Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed a new DA, whose biggest job will be to oversee the prosecution of the city’s Walmart shooting case. KTEP’s Aaron Montes has an update:

Texas study blames climate change for driving up food prices

The price of food is on the rise, and one reason is climate change. A new report from the Texas Department of Agriculture points out that a warming planet is harming farming and ranching. Texas Public Radio’s David Martin Davies has more.

Cheniere LNG’s impact on the Coastal Bend

Houston-based liquified natural gas exporter Cheniere Energy has invested billions of dollars into facilities on the Texas Gulf Coast. But not everybody is excited about the company’s expansion: Some coastal communities are pushing back against what they see as Cheniere’s encroachment on their homes and the environment. Elizabeth Shogren, associate professor of journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School, spoke to the Texas Standard about her recent reporting on “Reveal” about Cheniere’s impact on the Coastal Bend.

Cowboys beat Buccaneers in road playoff win

Despite four missed extra points, the Dallas Cowboys handled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Florida last night to advance to the next round of the playoffs. RJ Ochoa, editor for Blogging the Boys, breaks down the game.

Struggling to meet its recruiting goals, the Navy is now accepting enlistees as old as 41

The U.S. military is struggling to meet its recruiting goals. The service branches are offering record-high enlistment bonuses and loosening rules for things like tattoos and past marijuana use. Now, with fewer young adults signing up, the Navy has decided to give older people a chance. Jay Price reports for the American Homefront Project.

Stained glass crafting is making a comeback, and you can take classes in North Texas

If you’ve looked at a huge stained-glass window, it might be hard to imagine you could make something like that yourself. But stained-glass crafting is experiencing a resurgence, thanks in part to TikTokKERA’s Galilee Abdullah talked with a couple of stained glass teachers and a novice artist about their passion for the craft.

New NSA recruitment effort underway in San Antonio

Did you know that the National Security Agency has over 3,000 workers at an intelligence gathering site in San Antonio? If you didn’t, it might be because the agency is famously tight-lipped about its activities. But with the nation facing an increasing number of cyber threats, the NSA is recruiting staff to keep up – and as it tries to find more employees, NSA Texas is coming out of the shadowsEric Killelea, technology and cybersecurity reporter for the San Antonio Express-News, discusses the new recruitment effort.

All this, plus the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Michael Marks with the Talk of Texas.

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