Texas Standard for May 15, 2024: As floodwaters recede, how to protect your home from mold

Mold can pose a risk to everyone entering a home, but it’s especially dangerous to people with asthma or allergies and those with compromised immune systems.

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Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Wednesday, May 15, 2024:

Fifth Circuit Court hears Galveston County racial gerrymandering case

The full Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments yesterday in a Galveston County case that tests a prohibition against racial gerrymandering at the local level.

Plaintiffs initially won their case, claiming that new voting maps drawn in 2021 violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. But a Supreme Court stay of that ruling landed the case before the Fifth Circuit.

Andrew Schneider, senior reporter at Houston Public Media, joins us with more.

As floodwaters recede, how to protect your home from mold

Texas homes that experienced flooding during recent storms are at risk of developing mold because of the excess moisture and standing water. Mold can pose a risk to everyone entering a home, but it’s especially dangerous to people with asthma or allergies and those with compromised immune systems.

Ryan Nickerson, who reports for the Houston Chronicle’s weather team, joins us with some solutions.

Fort Worth fertilizer company faces lawsuit from landowners

A fertilizer company in business with the City of Fort Worth is now facing a legal fight over its product. Synagro takes in much of Fort Worth’s sewage sludge and converts it into useable fertilizer.

Landowners in nearby Johnson County have sued the company, however, saying that high levels of so-called forever chemicals in Syangro’s fertilizer contaminated their land and killed livestock:

Austinite shares tips on navigating a family business

Have you ever considered starting a family business? Or maybe you already run one, or work at one? Running a business can be tricky, and working with your family can sometimes make it even more so.

Andy O’Brien, an Austin-based entrepreneur and business coach, knows firsthand the difficulties that can crop up when you start a company with your relatives. He joins the Standard to discuss his book “WTF Was I Thinking,” a survival guide for those who are considering opening a family business.

Texas State professor and student reporters keep the stories of Uvalde victims alive

We’re nearing two years since the deadliest school shooting in Texas history. But for the families of the 19 children and two teachers killed at Robb Elementary School, it’s something they live with every day.

One was of a distraught mother who told cameras law enforcement tried to restrain her as she rushed to enter the school to evacuate her own kids.

Her name was Angeli Gomez. Two years after the shooting, a team of students from Texas State University checked in with her.

Author Andrea Mosqueda on representation for queer youth in the Rio Grande Valley

Andrea Mosqueda, a native of San Benito, Texas, wrote the YA novel, “Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster.” In the book, Maggie, a bisexual Chicana growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, is in search of an escort for her sister’s quinceañera when she realizes she has feelings for three of her friends.

Andrea speaks to being closeted as a teen and writing a novel for LGBTQ teens in South Texas.

How one bite at this barbecue joint was life-changing

Ever had a meal so good it changed your life?

For Texas Monthly’s barbecue editor, Daniel Vaughn, his came at one legendary Taylor, Texas, joint. He joins us today to share the story.

Group works to preserve history of semi-pro Black baseball circuits

Major League Baseball has taken steps to honor the Negro Leagues that thrived during the era of racial segregation. But far less attention has been given to the semi-professional Black baseball circuits that continued into the late 1970s.

Texas Public Radio’s Marian Navarro reports that a group in South Texas is working to preserve that history.

All this, plus the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Raul Alonzo with the Talk of Texas.

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