Texas Standard for Oct. 24, 2023: Why bird watchers are flocking to Texas cemeteries

The Standard’s Raul Alonzo met up with “Cemetery Birding” author Jennifer Bristol at – where else? – a cemetery to learn more about birding at resting grounds across Texas.

By Texas StandardOctober 24, 2023 9:33 am,

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023:

These are the 14 constitutional amendments going to Texas voters

Early voting started Monday in Texas’ constitutional amendment election. Voters will decide the fate of 14 propositions that amend the state’s governing document. Early voting runs through Nov. 3; Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The Standard’s previously covered some of the bigger items on the ballot, including proposed property tax cuts and tax breaks to childcare centers.

But what about everything else on the ballot? Texas Tribune reporter María Mendéz and KERA North Texas’ Megan Cardona join the Standard with an overview.

The legend of Houston’s Batman

Decades ago, a handful of Houstonians reported something truly terrifying: a creature – part man, part bat – bedeviling the Bayou City.

As part of our October series Tracking Texas Cryptids, the Standard shares the story.

Giant company mergers shake up the oil industry

Oil giants are having a merger moment. Earlier this month Exxon said it was buying Pioneer Resources. Now, Chevron has announced its acquisition of Hess Corporation.

UT-Austin energy expert Joshua Rhodes joins the Standard to discuss the latest energy industry moves.

Texas Rangers are World Series-bound after finally taking down Houston

There’s probably no easy way to the World Series – but if there is, the Texas Rangers definitely didn’t take it. They nearly missed the playoffs entirely, then had to win three straight series where they were the underdog – including a seven-game nail-biter against their in-state rivals, who happened to be the defending champs.

But last night in Houston, what often seemed like a long shot became reality: the Texas Rangers are going to the World Series. D Magazine’s Mike Piellucci joins the Standard with more.

Why bird watchers are flocking to Texas cemeteries

They’re intended as final resting places, but they’re surprisingly active sites for a certain group of hobbyists.

The Standard’s Raul Alonzo met up with “Cemetery Birding” author Jennifer Bristol at – where else? – a cemetery and shares this report.

These Texas cities want to make it a crime to travel for an abortion

A growing number of Texas cities and counties are passing ordinances that declare themselves “a sanctuary for the unborn.” That includes banning the use of local roads for anyone heading out of state for a legal abortion.

Lubbock County passed just such an ordinance Monday, and the Amarillo City Council is expected to begin a public discussion today. Texas Public Radio’s David Martin Davies reports on whether these ordinances are enforceable.

All this, plus the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Wells Dunbar with the Talk of Texas.

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