Typewriter Rodeo: Bathroom Break

Each week, the Standard reaches out to Austin’s Typewriter Rodeo for a custom poem on Texas topics.

By Sean PetrieJanuary 24, 2020 2:24 pm,

You know when you just gotta go, but there’s a movie or work assignment or something else you’re so fixed on that it’s hard to break away … even though you probably should? That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

Bathroom Break

Oh I had no idea

It would be so long!

I totally planned

All this wrong!


When the movie started

I was feeling just fine

But then I had water

And a glass of wine


Now that urge is calling

What am I to do?

I don’t want to get up

And block everyone’s view


Or miss the next scene

We’re almost there!

But I am literally squirming

In my not-comfy chair


Oh it’s nearly unbearable

I’ve got to go!

Why didn’t I sit

At the end of the row?


Produced by Laura Rice.