Typewriter Rodeo: The Price of Eggs

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By Sarah BeachApril 14, 2023 1:36 pm, ,

Maybe those egg prices at your local grocery store had you daydreaming about your own coop. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem:

The Price of Eggs

We all know that one neighbor
the slightly cooky city dweller
with what we might call artsy
use of refuse decorating
their backyard
sure, the wine bottles & car rims
do shine and shimmer in the afternoon light
but what’s often hidden
or punctuated by the flare…

a questionably legal flock
of chickens
a coop of epically eclectic
proportions housing screeching &
squawking hens

what you may have once called an eyesore
what you may once have contemplated
dialing 311 to report
you now eye with envy
you now wonder what you could use
to barter for a half dozen
of those FREE free range eggs
you might even find yourself
googling how to raise my own chickens
hesitating to toss last night’s
wine bottle into the recycling bin…

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