Typewriter Rodeo: Them Ol’ ERCOT Blues

Each week, the Standard reaches out to Austin’s Typewriter Rodeo for a custom poem on Texas topics.

By David FruchterFebruary 4, 2022 9:41 am, ,

Texans have (so far) not experienced widespread blackouts this winter. Still, many prepared for the worst heading into Winter Storm Landon. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

Them Ol’ ERCOT Blues

beans, flour, sugar, oil
water won’t have to boil

toilet paper, gasoline
jerky for a quick protein
what else, what else, could get me through
the great ice storm of ‘22
a solar charger for my phone
my prepper list has grown and grown
since last year’s snowpocalypse
i’ve laid in mac and cheese and chips
tuna cans and tylenol
salsa jars, I’ve got it all
chocolate, band-aids, tea and coffee
for a treat, a little toffee

you ask me if I’ve flipped my lid
i ask you, do you trust the grid
and the greedheads who run and regulate
it for our bought and paid for state

i don’t, so though I know it’s futile
i’ve stored up both kit and caboodle

to while away the frozen hours
a-waiting on those earthly powers

to bring back

the light

a photo of the typewritten poem on a torn piece of yellow paper

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