UT Austin Can Help Flood Victims Salvage Documents and Heirlooms

Some things can’t be replaced – so the UT School of Information wants to help.

By Rhonda FanningMay 26, 2015 8:54 am

For many Texans who’ve been hit by floods this week, the task of cleaning up is a daunting one. And while couches and carpet can be replaced, it’s often the little things that mean more to us. A family picture album, financial documents, scrapbooks…you can’t go buy these at the store.

So before you throw these things out, take a look at what the UT iSchool can do to help you salvage those important items. Karen Pavelka, a conservator and lecturer for the School of Information joins the Texas Standard to talk about steps you can take.

Audio and more from the interview will be posted shortly.