Vignettes From A Disaster: Galveston After Harvey

“As utility crews work all around us, debris piling up front yards and lining main streets, a Texas flag raised in a parking lot has become like a beacon of relief in the chaos.”

By David Brown August 31, 2017 1:02 pm,

When you come up on a place where the bases of trees are wrapped in the multicolored aluminum tatters of the gas station from across the street; where once-majestic homes and old stores have been reduced to the same tangled mess as everything else; where the skyline is divided by sagging telephone lines and the silhouettes of power poles leaning at angles – there’s something almost ghostly about the sunshine, the way it falls on these small Texas towns torn by Harvey.

This week, Texas Standard is making its way up the gulf coast, exploring the effects of this deadly storm. After visiting Corpus Christi, the Standard drove to Galveston and spoke with people affected by the storm: some offering help, others needing help.

Listen to the segment in the audio player above.