What Are The Facts Of Lice?

Cody goes by the moniker “the lice ninja.”

By Joy DiazMarch 13, 2018 1:10 pm,

The word “lice” strikes fear in the hearts of most parents – and plenty of other people, too. It’s traumatic. The tiny insects climb onto human scalps, using our hair as rope, says Cody Bradstreet. She calls herself the “lice ninja.” And though they aren’t responsible for a lot of what they’re accused of, the bugs are tenacious, and always looking for a head to infest.

Bradstreet, who first took lice on as a parent, created the first franchise for a company called The Lice Place. She says lice are human-specific – they don’t live on animals or in your furniture or carpet.

“The myth is that they can infest your home,” Bradstreet says. “Absolutely not.”

Lice, who live about a month, have one goal. “Their whole purpose in life is to procreate and die,” Bradstreet says.

She now treats people with lice infestations, which is how she earned the name “the lice ninja.”

Written by Shelly Brisbin.