What Does It Cost To Be The Next Jordan Spieth?

Junior golfers are inspired by the young Texan’s success, but do they have the financial ability to reach that level?

By Laura RiceJuly 21, 2015 6:48 pm,

Texan Jordan Spieth finished just a hair shy of winning The British Open yesterday and getting golf’s grand slam. If he would have done it he would have matched only a feat accomplished by fellow Texan Ben Hogan in 1953. Even more impressive: the Dallas native is still shy of his 22nd birthday. So how did Spieth get to this level and so quickly? Some natural talent? Surely. A lot of hard work? Definitely. And some well-spent money? Absolutely. Texas Standard’s David Brown talks with Andrew Gridley, the manager for Junior Golf at the Southern Texas PGA.

On junior golfers watching Spieth while playing a tournament:

“The [kids] that were not on the course were definitely watching [The Open] on the practice screen… Right when they were coming in for scoring they were asking, ‘What’s Spieth doing? What’s Spieth doing?’ They were all curious to hear about Spieth and his finish.”

On Spieth inspiring younger golfers:

“A lot of junior golfers can relate…starting off at the youngest tournaments, winning…at your level and then going to the state championship for high school. A lot of juniors can connect to that. I really think it’s inspiring for all junior golfers. It’s really great for the sport to see a young talent, being only 21-years-old, have this success.”

On the perception that golf is too costly for most families:

“Yes and no. That’s definitely the persona that a lot of families and people out there have. [Jordan] participated in a lot of the North Texas PGA stuff… One thing that the PGA sections do is really try to make junior golf affordable for families. So that’s one thing where Jordan kind of came from.”

 On the actual cost of junior golf:

“There’s definitely multiple roads that lead to competitive junior golf. Obviously Drive, Chip & Putt is a big one that USGA, PGA of America and Augusta National have all…been promoting. It’s a free event to go out and have fun. Junior golf, for starting out 6 to 12 year-olds, can get by with $200. That includes membership and four to five tournaments throughout the summer season.”