How Liquid Meth is Getting into the US

“They can utilize the top half of the tank to almost siphon the gas off, leaving the liquid methamphetamine at the bottom.”

By Laura RiceDecember 14, 2015 11:22 am, ,

The I-35 corridor that runs deep through the heart of Texas has long been a route for drug traffickers. Yet lately, law enforcement have noticed a trend in how drugs are being transported and it’s happening in a way that’s been harder to detect.

Wendell Campbell is a spokesperson with the Drug Enforcement Administration office in Houston. He explains how the trafficking trend is specific to methamphetamine.

“Coming out of their superlabs in Mexico, we’ve seen methamphetamine being maintained in a solution or in a liquid state for easier transportation into the United States,” he says.

Campbell says the drug is still in a liquid state prior to being converted into the more commonly known crystal form.

What you’ll learn in this segment:

– How vehicles are being appropriated to transport liquid meth

– The inventive chemistry underneath the surface

– Which cartels have been known to take advantage of the I-35 corridor