When You Come to SXSW, Eat Tacos Like a Local

Austin has a lot of tacos to offer. You’ll find them downtown, near South by Southwest venues. But better Mexican fare lies east of I-35, if you’re willing to take a walk.

By Casey CheekMarch 9, 2017 7:19 pm,

South by Southwest (SXSW) panels cover everything from design to filmmaking, coding to style. Even experiential storytelling. But our in-house taco expert Mando Rayo says his panel discussing his book, The Tacos of Texas is sure to school strangers and locals alike on a subject of interest to everyone. Where to eat in Austin.

Along with his co-author, Jared Neece, Rayo says he will both educate and entertain his panel attendees.

“It’s the best tacos you can eat in Texas,” Rayo says. “It’s half appetizing and half stand up.”

He says that the panel will help people visiting for SXSW learn exactly where to go for an authentic taco experience.

“What a great introduction to somebody coming from Switzerland or even other parts of the U.S. than to come in and try some down, home breakfast tacos,” he says.

Rayo says now that much of the festival has expanded beyond downtown Austin and into the East Side, festival goers will have easy access to authentic tacos. His recommends several taco places:

– Joe’s Bakery

– Tamale House East (on Facebook)

– Pueblo Viejo

– Vacero Taquero

The Vaquero Taquero taco cart is currently set up outside the Mexic-Arte Museum on Congress and 5th, providing tourists the chance to immerse themselves in Mexican and Texan culture through both art and food.

It’s Joe’s Bakery, however, that Rayo says will make foreigners and locals feel at home.

“What I call Joe’s is, ‘where every Mexican knows your name,” Rayo says. “You see people from all walks of life so it’s one of those cultural hubs of Austin.”

Written by Emma Whalen.